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Membership & Rewards

Membership Criteria

121connects is a free community engagement platform for senior IT decision-makers in India. Members must have an active, IT leadership role at medium or large enterprises, directly responsible for the internal IT implementations of the organisation to qualify. Join us!

Other roles including IT consulting, business development, or IT service providers are not eligible as members but are welcome to join as partners. Request Access.

How it Works

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Set preferences
Discover & engage
Get rewards & redeem

The platform allows members total control on meeting preferences. 

Our technology ensures every engagement request matches your selection. All meetings are set up with explicit member consent.

Find members with common interests, responsibilities, or industry backgrounds and send meeting requests.

Our concierge services will assist to  coordinate and set up the virtual meeting and make proper introductions.

Members earn points with every partner engagement. These can be redeemed for exciting vouchers or be donated to a charity of choice.

Our programs reward member's time spent with more than just content.

Rewards & Redemption

121rewards points can be redeemed for any of the vouchers listed through the member's app or donated to a charity of your choice. Please click on the voucher to check the terms & conditions before requesting redemption. The merchant terms are binding and vouchers once issued cannot be exchanged or cancelled.


How to Redeem points for donation?

We applaud your decision to donate to any cause which you would like to support. Once you place the redemption request our team will coordinate with you regarding your choice of charity. Since every charity might have its own mechanisms, we will communicate the same offline and keep you posted.

Terms & Conditions

  • All norms related to donations to the particular charity will prevail.

  • Proof of donation as provided by the charity will be made available to you.

  • Any tax exemptions related to your donation will also be made available to you. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


Application and Approval Process

Request to join as members is free for qualified applicants. Your request will be cleared within 3 business days and you will receive further instructions regarding joining formalities and user guidelines. Please see our Term of Use before applying.

121connects reserves the right to automatically reject incomplete applications or those that do not qualify without providing specific reasons.

Key Member Benefits


121connects is designed to allow deep discussions within a carefully curated member base. Peer-to-peer meetings are private and confidential and 121connects is involved only to assist with the set up and to make suitable introductions. 121connects is not privy to, nor records any of the meeting discussions.

Besides the ability to have meaningful discussions with peers, 121connects also facilitates partner (vendor) engagements. All partner initiated meetings carry reward points which can be redeemed for e-gift vouchers or be donated to a charity of the member's choice. More detail under Meeting types.

Managing Preferences: Information shared, privacy and termination.


121connects member information that is included in the app, is primarily to facilitate meaningful discovery by peers/partners and to enable effective meetings. The profile section contains information that are of two types and members can edit these at any time.

a] Data, such as email/phone number, are administrative in nature and used for notifications or delivery of e-gift cards but is NOT displayed to members/partners.

b] Data that is displayed to members/partners is restricted to your name, designation, company, ‘about’ (profile description), experience, interests, responsibilities, and profile image.

Please also see our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to learn more.

Membership can be cancelled at any time using the opt-out option in the app menu.

121connects reserves the right to terminate membership for any violation of the Terms of Use or guidelines.



Meeting Types: Who can initiate, duration and associated rewards


There are currently 3 meeting types in the app. Members can set preferences in the app to allow or block any specific type of meeting request.

a] Peer meetings, initiated by members allow access to peers to seek insights and share experiences. These are non-commercial, community engagements, aimed at providing a trusted source of advice and are scheduled for 45 minutes and do not carry any points.

b] 121meetings, initiated by partners (vendors) allow requests for personal meetings with any member who has opted to receive such invitations. 121meetings are scheduled for 45 minutes and rewards 15,000 points to members on successful completion.

c] Executive boards, initiated by partners (vendors) allow vendors to request 6 members to join for a group discussion on a topic of importance. Executive boards are scheduled for 75 minutes and award 10,000 points to every participating member on completion.

Meeting points earned by members are equivalent to its value in India rupees and can be redeemed for vouchers on the site. 121connects can change the points associated for a meeting, or the vouchers available for redemption, at any time at its sole discretion.

My meetings: initiating, accepting/regretting, re-schedule/cancel and notifications.

When you place a meeting request or are invited to a meeting of any type, you will receive a notification on your registered email id and mobile (SMS) from You can also find all meetings organised and filter them by type, initiator, or status in the ‘My meetings’ tab/menu on the app.

You can choose to initiate meetings i.e. member (peer meeting) or partner (121meeting or Executive board) as applicable to you.

Members have the option to accept or regret any meeting requests they receive.

For scheduled meetings, members can choose to cancel participation if the situation arises or request a re-schedule for peer or 121meetings. Please use the app My meetings section to do so.

Scheduling, meeting joining links and calendars


All meetings are scheduled by 121concierge team who will coordinate a suitable date and time with both parties for peer or 121meetings once accepted.

You will receive an email with the joining link and ICS file that can be synced to your calendar. The joining link will also be added to your My meetings dashboard.

121connects will also send reminder notification 1 day, as well as 1 hour, prior to scheduled meetings and a 121connects ambassador will be available on the joining link to make introductions before every meeting.


Rewards & Redemption

Points type: Meeting and Bonus Points


a] Member points are equivalent to their Indian rupee value and are awarded on successful completion of meetings. All activities or meetings with associated points will be clearly stated in advance, failing which the meeting/activity is deemed to carry no rewards points.

Only meetings set up and executed through the platform are eligible for points.

Members may also be awarded bonus points by 121connects for different initiatives, subject to conditions.

My points: tracking points, account balance and notifications

All member points transactions will be stored and displayed in the ‘My points’ tab/menu of the app. The overall account balance is displayed as a total at the top.

When you complete a meeting that has associated points, your account will get credited with the same and you will receive an email/SMS update within 1 working day.

In case you do not receive credit within 1 working day, or have a query regarding any transaction in your account, please raise a query from the app itself or contact

Redeem points: Terms & Conditions


Members can accumulate or redeem points for vouchers available within the app, including the option to donate the same to a charity of their choice. This can be done through the redeem button in the my points tab of the menu. The value of the voucher is equivalent in India rupees to the number of points being redeemed.

Please ensure you check the Terms & Conditions of the voucher partner before placing a redeem request. The partner terms of the voucher are final and binding and vouchers once issued cannot be exchanged or cancelled.

Visit Rewards to learn details of voucher options.

Once a voucher request is placed, members will receive a confirmation message and the status of redemption will display as 'processing' within the app. When the voucher is delivered, members will receive confirmation details via email and SMS notifications. The voucher delivery details will also be available in the app with the status reflected as completed. If the redemption is not completed within 3 working days, please raise a query from the app itself or contact

IMPORTANT: Please note that bonus points, can only be redeemed after the member has earned the first ‘meetings related’ points



Does this app require any downloads?


No. This is a progressive web app and can be used on any browser in any device. It does not require or seek specific phone features.

Are meetings in-person or virtual?

All meetings are conducted online, virtually, to save on time and effort. Connect from anywhere and on any device. Events are conducted virtually or in-person.

Can I add my peers or team members?


We will be delighted with recommendations that meet our membership criteria.

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