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Big5: More Than Just an Event

The Forward Planning Retreat for India's
Enterprise IT Leaders

Big5 Priorities is a series of programs designed for India’s enterprise IT leaders. Built around research inputs gathered from 121connects members, the programs deliver strategic insights by Ecosystm analysts, to enable forward planning. The highpoint of every Big5 Priorities program is a two-day residential retreat, ideal for networking and brainstorming with over 100 delegates from across India in attendance.

The 5 C's of Big5 Events

Content Quality

Guided by global analysts from Ecosystm, the conference will turn the spotlight on technologies and business dynamics that will shape critical decisions required to succeed in a rapidly changing economic landscape.

Community Experience

An exclusive event for 121connects members, the retreat offers peers from India’s leading organizations the opportunity to leverage the power of trusted relationships and take critical decisions with confidence.

Concise Program

Designed in crisp capsules, the program will deliver research insights across the two-day program. Unique formats such as ‘Ideas Express’ and ‘Ask the Analysts’ add interactive dimensions to make the program more relevant and memorable.

Convenient Location

The venue offers easy access from across India, while providing a calm and secluded sanctuary, away from the bustle of the city. The focus on hospitality and obsession to detail makes every Big5 event remembered for its unique, curated experience. 

Curated Engagements

The program is designed to be many events within one. It offers the option to address all the delegates or connect in private meetings. It allows discussions moderated by analysts and live demos at dedicated zones.

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Previous Big5 Events

Big5 CIO Priorities '23

29-30 November, 2022 | Taj Yeshwantpur

Big5 CIO Priorities '24

2-3 November 2023 | Marriott Hotel Whitefield

About the Organisers


121connects is a curated member base of India’s leading IT decision makers. We believe in the power of relationships to enhance business outcomes. Our goal is to help IT decision makers unlock the potential of trusted relationships and find effective solutions for their businesses. Our technology platform, combined with a personal concierge service, enables one-2-one connections with India's IT leaders based on shared interests, common responsibilities or similar industry expertise.


Ecosystm is a Digital Research and Advisory Company with its global headquarters in Singapore. We bring together tech buyers, tech vendors and analysts onto one integrated platform to enable the best decision-making in the evolving digital economy. Ecosystm has moved away from the highly inefficient business models of traditional research firms and instead focuses on research democratization, with an emphasis on accessibility, transparency, and autonomy.

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