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Making the right connections can be tough.

Let us make it simple!

121connects app

Connect one-to-one with India's IT leaders

Put 121connects to work.
Invest your time where it's needed

Designed for tech marketers

The 121connects approach to organizing targeted meetings or roundtable discussions puts power into the hands of B2B tech marketers. Direct access to members, provides complete transparency and our concierge support ensures success in every audience interaction.

Choose members to invite and meet at one click

Concierge support to setup and confirm meetings 

Dashboard to monitor progress at every step

3 efficient ways to use
the 121connects App

Search & Discover

Fix 121meetings

Setup Executive Boards

Our platform allows marketers to search for members by name or company and helps discover members based on interests, responsibilities or industry. Add filters of turnover, headcount or geography to make the right connections.

Move beyond personal connects. Simply reach out to any member to request and schedule a 45 minute 121meeting instantly via the app. Our concierge service will follow-up to ensure your meeting is set-up swiftly.

Select any 6 members for your next roundtable discussion and our team will assist to confirm their attendance. Our app provides transparency at every stage and we help moderate the discussion on the day of the event. 

Solutions to engage our audience

121connects offers a blend of tech powered but human enabled solutions for B2B tech marketers. Our custom solutions work for both, virtual and in-person engagements, allowing you to connect with our curated member base and deliver real outcomes.

121meetings (virtual or in-person)

Executive Boards (virtual or in-person)

Webinars with a target segment of our members


Connecting 1200+ curated members

Our Global Partners

Contact us: or call +91-99024 66121

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