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Meet our founding team

121connects is founded by 3 colleagues who decided to put their collective 75+ years of experience, serving the IT community in India, to build a platform that enables personal connections in a whole new way. As former CEO, CIO, and Programs Director of a global IT media company, the trio realise that technology--deployed with a human touch--can dramatically change how IT leaders meet and engage in a digitally transformed world. They are backed by a dynamic, young and enthusiastic team that is eager to change the marketing paradigm. 

Louis D'Mello
Pavan Mehra
Rupesh Sreedharan

Louis D'Mello | Founder

Pavan Mehra | Founder

Rupesh Sreedharan | Founder

Ajay Adhikari
Olivia Mathew
Sharon Shaji

Ajay Adhikari | Ambassador

Olivia Mathew | Ambassador

Sharon Shaji | Ambassador

Contact us: or call +91-99024 66121

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